Membership Information

The Lebanon Swim Club is a year round competitive swimming team that accepts new swimmers onto the team during try-outs or by appointment.  The team has training groups for all ages and abilities.  The training groups are:  Novice, Bronze, Silver and Gold

Our Novice Group is for younger swimmers who are just starting out.  Novice usually practice 2 days a week. 

The Bronze group is for younger kids (8-11 ages) with a bit more experience or ability and they have practices 3 times a week. 

The Silver and Gold groups (12 and older) are designed for swimmers who are at least 12 years of age or older and are separated by experience and ability. 

*Our sport is divided into two seasons; short course (fall/winter) and long course (spring/summer).  Our  Fall/Winter season  begins in September and goes through the middle of March.  The club usually takes a one to two week break around the time of Spring Break in March.  Our Spring/Summer season starts in early April and goes through until the middle of August.  We have twice yearly awards banquets at the conclusion of each season to honour our swimmers' hard work and achievements. *All subject to change due to Covid-19 Mandates.

*The club usually has at least one swim meet a month for swimmers to compete in.