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                                                                Payment of Fees
Bi-monthly Swim Team Fees

a.    These are the fees associated with your child’s participation on the swim team. Fees are established by the City of St. Peters and the Aquatics Center. These fees are due no later than the 10th of each month.

b.    Fees should be paid by check made payable to the “City of St. Peters”.

c.     Ensure your check reflects the name of your swimmer(s) and the group (Tiger, Mako, Hammerhead, Great White JV, or Great White SV) your child practices with.

d.    Fees should be paid at the drop box in the lobby of the Rec-Plex.

e.    Your canceled check is your receipt.

f.     For those who must pay in cash, always make payments directly to the front desk. They are equipped to provide you with a cash receipt.

g.    Extended absences from practice sessions are often times unavoidable. Family vacations and childhood illnesses can prevent swimmers from attending practices for a period of time. Families may address a letter to the Aquatics Director requesting a credit to your account for expected and emergency absences where swimmers will miss two or more weeks of practice.


        USA Registration Fees 

      a.    ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: This fee is payable annually for swimmers to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned swim events. This fee is payable during the registration period each year.

      b.    TRANSFER FEE: Swimmers who transfer from one USA Swimming sanctioned swim team to another must complete a USA Swimming Transfer Form. Both the former coach and the new coach must sign the form. This form should be turned in to the Head Coach with the appropriate transfer fee.

NOTE: Transferring swimmers have competition requirements they must follow for a period of 120 days from the date of the last competition with the former club. Please check with the coaching staff for these rules.
Parent’s Association Fees 

Listed below are some of the fees required to be paid through the Parent’s Association.
a.    ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: The Board of Directors determines a reasonable fee paid annually for all members to join the Parent’s Association. The funds collected from this fee are used to offset the costs of day-to-day operations of the swim team outside the basic services provided by the Rec-Plex and the City of St. Peters. The fee is established per family.
b.    MEET ENTRY FEES: These are the fees required to enter USA Swimming swim meets. During the registration period, each family is encouraged to pay a fee to their swimmer’s escrow account. The recommended escrow fees are listed below:
                        TIGER                                 $ 50.00 per swimmer
                        MAKO, HAMMERHEAD             $ 75.00 per swimmer
                        GREAT WHITE, JV & SV         $ 100.00 per swimmer
c.    Most of the initial escrow payments are depleted within the first three months of competition each year. Parents have a responsibility to replenish this account to ensure the team can pay a child’s meet fees.
d.    Some families, once their escrow account is depleted, may elect to pay for each meet as they enter their swimmers. Each meet entry form must include a check, payable to the “Rec-Plex Sharks Parent’s Escrow” for the total amount of the entry fees your child will require to enter the meet.
e.    Escrow accounts must be maintained with a positive balance. Parents have the responsibility to ensure their children’s escrow accounts are replenished. Swimmers failing to maintain a positive balance may be declared ineligible to enter a meet in which entry fees have not been paid in advance.
f.     Escrow account statements will be mailed to parents several times during the year.

For applicable registration forms click here