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Thank you for your interest in our team.  Below is information regarding membership with the Tualatin Hills Swim Club.  If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Coordinator at  [email protected]
or select the "Please Contact Me" tab above.

Membership Information - Contents

How To Join / Tryouts

Thunderbolt Team Structure

Dues, Fees, Fundraising

Team Service Hours / Volunteer Positions


How To Join 
/ Tryouts

A swimmer new to the Tualatin Hills Swim Club must attend a team tryout or talk to a coach, then contact membership to determine what squad the swimmer qualifies for.  For more information on tryouts, or to sign up for one, please click here.

If there is room for the swimmer on the squad, the registration process can begin.  To register, please select the registration option in the menu on the far right of the screen.

If there is not room, the swimmer will be waitlisted and contacted when a spot opens up. 
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Thunderbolt Team Structure

The Tualatin Hills Swim Club is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

The coaches are responsible for everything in the pool; the practice schedules, swimmer squad placement, the training program, swimmer discipline and which swimmers attend which meets. They are all certified and paid employees of the club.

The THSC Board of directors is responsible for all the administrative, business and operational activities of the club. They are all volunteers who put in many, many hours to ensure our swimmers have every opportunity to compete. All of your dues, fees and time go toward what is needed to support the swimmers and the club needs all parents to get involved. Coaches are the only paid employees.    (back to top of page)

Financial Commitment Summary for the 2018-2019 Season

Please refer to the following document for an overview of the financial commitment (annual USA Swimming registration, club training dues, meet fees, pool access fees, and fundraising obligation) for the coming season:
Please note that THSC also has a Service Hour Commitment, which is described in more detail below: 

Team Service Hours Commitment - Every family needs to help out, especially at meets, to ensure our club is a success.  All meet and club tasks, functions, and events are performed by volunteers.  Only the coaches are paid for their services.  Families who do not meet team service hour commitments will be assessed $25.00 per hour not performed. 

NOTE: Olympic Way families do not have a team service hour commitment but are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities as it is a great way to get to know other swimming families while supporting our swimmers.  (back to top of page)



    Each family will be asked to sign a fund-raising contract at registration and commit to raise this money through any of the following options:

1. Direct donation. Members can procure money from someone who would like to support the team and will receive 100% credit on their Fund-Raising commitment.  Tualatin Hills Swim Club has been designated as a 501(c)3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service. For tax purposes all donors should consult their tax advisor to determine the proper amount of the deduction and whether the deduction is subject to limitations.

2. SCRIP: This is a weekly opportunity that allows families to slowly fund-raise while buying groceries and other products with gift certificates, plus allowing members to pay their commitment at no extra cost. Most of you have seen the great gift certificates you can purchase from our SCRIP program. We encourage you to buy SCRIP to purchase all of your groceries, clothes, and gifts at stores like The Gap, Old Navy, Godfather’s, Fred Meyer, and Safeway. A weekly habit of buying SCRIP can pay your entire fundraising bill AND if you continue to use it you can donate painlessly to help with program development.  All Scrip purchases must be prepaid.

SCRIP is available at the 50M pool lobby during practice hours. Times are announced in the Courier newsletter

 Note: The programs listed above are not ’free.’ Many club members give above and beyond their 50 share point hours to keep these options available for all of us. Help keep our costs down by continuing to give as freely as you can. Buy SCRIP even if you don’t need to, sell an ad for a HEAT SHEET. Give generously and keep contributing to the stability of THSC.

3. Direct Payment: For those who don’t want to seek Donations, you can retire your Fund-Raising commitment by making a direct payment to THSC.


 Team Service Hours

NOTE: Olympic Way families do not have a team service hour commitment but are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities as it is a great way to get to know other swimming families while supporting our swimmers.

The Tualatin Hills Swim Club is a non-profit organization which counts on its members to volunteer their time to promote unity and to enable the club to thrive.  Earning team service hours during the swimming calendar year of September to August is required. 

Here are some key points to remember as you fulfill your service hours obligation.

·       Each returning family, as well as families transferring from another USA Swimming Club, will be required to volunteer a certain number of hours during the short course season (September through March) and the long course (50 meter) portion of the season (April to August).

·       Families who have not had any swimmer participating in a USA Swimming Club previously will be required to volunteer as well.

·       Families joining THSC after November 1st of the current swim season or terminating their membership with THSC before the end of the swim season will have their service hours pro-rated. Team service is pro-rated over a 10-month period, October through July. Any outstanding service hours obligation must be paid upon termination of the club membership.

·       Each family is required to volunteer during any championship meet hosted by THSC.

·       Any shortfall for hours required during the short course will be added to the member family invoice for May.  A charge of $25 per hour will be assessed for any shortfall.

·       If at the end of the swimming year all service hours are not fully met, a charge of $25 for every un-served hour will be charged to the family's account.     

Team service hours can be earned at home swim meets and other team events, or by performing tasks or functions for the club.  You can also earn service hours at an away swim meet if you work as a lane timer or an official.  Members may sign up for specific volunteer jobs at meets on the team website.  

USA competitive swimming is the most volunteer intensive sport on the planet. It takes every single parent to prepare, run and recover from a big meet. But just what is that worth to the club?  We ran some quick numbers and calculated that if we had to pay minimum wage for every volunteer hour spent to run our five home swim meets during a typical season the club would pay out close to $75,000. (That is not counting all the hours needed to handle day to day club operations.) The thing is, most us wouldn’t do what we do in a swim meet for minimum wage, maybe for any wage. It just proves we do things, without hesitation, for the love of our children that we would never do for money.

It is important for every parent to be involved with the club and their children’s activities. That is why clubs require members to meet team service hour quotas. We do not want anyone to miss out on the fun!   A lot of our first time parents are a little nervous or confused about the many volunteer opportunities there are in a swim club. There is no need for either. We are all amateurs!  Besides, everyone is watching the swimmers, not the volunteers.

Click here for the information on how to report your service hours and check your service hours balance. 

click here for Detailed Information on Specific Jobs



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