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Team tryouts are held at various times throughout the year. For more information regarding try out dates, times, and location, please click here.


If you have had previous swim team experience, please send us an email at Contact tab before coming to a tryout.


How much will it cost?

There is an annual registration fee:  $120. 

This fee consists of the required annual USA Swimming fee ($70)and TTSC administration fees ($50).

If the swimmer is joining the club in the spring there is a seasonal registration fee   
Which consists of a seasonal USA Swimming fee($42) and TTSC seasonal administration fee ($20).
Annual Fund Raising/Greenery Sales- $100 per swimmer or $150 per family
Annual Volunteering at Club Events-  10 Hours per family at Novice level.  25 Hours per family intermediate and advanced.  Please see Volunteer Policy for complete information.
Monthly dues are based on the swim group:

 Swim Group

 Group Fees

 Pool usage Fee

 Total Monthly Fee

















 Senior Prep




 Senior 2




 Senior 1




                             ***adopted for 2017-2018 Swim Year by TTSC Board***

Family Monthly Dues Discount: There is a $15 discount for the 2nd swimmer in a family, $20 discount for the third swimmer, $30 discount for each swimmer after that.
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Billing questions should be directed to Club Treasurer via e-mail at: