Membership Information


What is the Worthington Swim Club?

The Worthington Swim Club is the year-round swim team based in Worthington, Ohio.  Our program offers a unique mix of swim training, solid technique work, dry-land sessions and fun activities.  We have a low swimmers/lane ratio and a low swimmers/coach ratio.  We emphasize building perfect form through stroke drills, and work on starts and turns.  Coaches also provide talks on race strategy, goal setting, motivation and nutrition.  We occasionally rely on underwater video analysis.


Where do you practice?

The Worthington Pools are conveniently located on the campus of Thomas Worthington High School at the corner of 315 and 161.  We have a new dryland training room adjacent to the pol, a proshop and plenty of free parking.


How old are the swimmers?

6 to 18 years old.


Is the team too competitive for my child?

Not at all.  Swimmers train with their own age group based on their age at Championship. For example, a swimmer age 10 who turns 11 the week prior to the Regional Championships, will train with the 11-12 group for the entire season.  Each age group will be further subdivided at practice by the coaches, from novice to advanced, in order to offer every swimmer exactly what he/she needs to flourish in the pool. The group placement guarantees a systematic advancement for all team members in order to maximize their experience and progress.  Our requirement to get started is 2 lengths of freestyle, 1 length of backstroke and 1 length of breaststroke.  Our elite swimmers are very fast but all of them got started by simply joining the team.


How long is the season?

Fall/Winter: From mid-September to early March.  We also offer a late start option (November 2nd) for swimmers who participate in Fall sports.

Spring/Summer: From mid-April to mid-July.


How many practices are offered per week?

That depends on each training group.

Swimmers age 8 & Under: 3 practices per week of 60 minutes each.

Swimmers age 9-10: 4 practices of one hour to 1:30 each.

Swimmers age 11-12: 4 practices of 1 hour and 30 minutes each.

Swimmers age 13-14: 5 practices of one hour and 45 minutes each.

Elite: 6 practices of 2 hours each.


What is the practice schedule like?

It also depends on the training group.  We rotate our groups between 6 and 9:15 pm on weekdays, on Saturday morning and Sunday night.


What about swim meets?

On average, we have one meet per month.  A typical meet is Saturday and Sunday, either in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the age group. All meets are local except for one travel meet and the State Championships.


Do you have to participate in meets?

Although you always have the option to scratch out of a meet, we strongly recommend for all swimmers to participate.  Swim meets provide a great opportunity for coaches and swimmers to evaluate progress and determine the next steps in development.  At meets, your child will learn about goal setting and that hard work produces rewards (fast swims), which leads to a feeling of accomplishment and higher self esteem.


How do I register?

We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.


New swimmers need to be evaluated before you can start the registration process! Please call Coach Bernard at 598-7064 to schedule an orientation/evaluation. 


Where can I find more information such as fees and training schedule?

Visit or contact Coach Bernard by phone at 614-598-7064 or by e-mail at