Membership Information


USA Swimming registration is required for all swimmers participating in meets.  If a swimmer is NOT USA registered, they will be pulled from the block at meets. Parents pay this fee directly to USA Swimming, not to the team.  

AAU fees are required for ALL swimmers for insurance coverage for the team.  NO EXCEPTIONS UNDER ANY CONDITIONS.    

Meet fees are approximately $15 to $50 per meet dependent upon number of events entered and cost structure of the specific meet.

Registration Details:

St. Louis Tsunami Swimming is a not-for-profit Missouri corporation and is administered by parents like you.  Registration of your child shall be an indication that you and your child agree to the St. Louis Tsunami Code of Conduct.  Additionally, by registering, you agree to pay the FULL SEASON fees based upon the group for which you register your child.  All swim group registrations are subject to review by the St. Louis Tsunami Coaches to ensure that your child is in an appropriate group.  Fees are not refundable.


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