Membership Information


Financial Policy:
·           CDST is a year-round program  and Tuition is paid on monthly basis. It is due on the 5th day of the month. A ‘Late Fee’ charge of $10.00 is assessed if payment is received after the 6th day of the month due. Returned checks will incur a service fee of $25.00.
·           Monthly Due: Elite $275 ___ Senior $225_____Platinum $225_____ Gold $200 ______ Silver $175 ______
·            Family with more than one swimmer in the team will receive 30% discount for each additional swimmer. The initial swimmer will pay dues as listed above and the discount will apply to every other family swimmer thereafter.
·           Annual Team Registration fee per swimmer is $145.
·           Pacific Swimming: there will be an annual USA Swimming fee.
·           Payment accepted in the form of Check, Zelle, Bill Pay
Due Commitment:

Membership in the CDST program is a year round commitment with a twelve month dues obligation. It is for this reason we are able to operate without requiring additional fund raising commitments from our members. If you choose  not to swim for a period of time, you are still a member of our club family and required to pay dues. We do not pro-rate or waive dues. 

In the case of outstanding membership due has been accumulated up to two months, swimmer will be asked to sit out team practice till all outstanding due has been cleared.

Withdrawal Policy:

Notification of withdrawal from the team must be submitted in writing prior to the first day of the month of withdrawal. Any notification received after the first of the month will result in the obligation of dues for that month. 
Reinstatement Policy:
Rejoining the team requires approval of the Head coach/ or Director and a $100 re-registration fee. 
Annual USA Swimming Membership:

All swimmers in MUST be current registered members with UNITED STATES SWIMMING INC. Current cost is $73 per athlete