Membership Information

Competitive Team:  The  PASA - Cardinal Competitive Team offers something for everyone at every age and ability level, from the beginner to the olympian. PASA - Cardinal swimmers love to swim and they love to race. 

For additional group descriptions:  PASA - Cardinal Competitive Team

Age Group 1 - Swimmers ages 9 & under
​Age Group 2 - Swimmers ages 10 & under
Age Group 3 - Swimmers ages 11 & 12
Senior 1 - Swimmers ages 12 - 14
Senior 2 - Swimmers ages 13 & over
National - Swimmers ages 14 & over


Discovery Team (Competitive Prep):  The  PASA - Cardinal Discovery Team gives swimmers a solid foundation with the technique and skills to pursuetheir swimming interests - for competition or fitness and with a life-long love of the water. Groups focus on age and level appropriate stroke technique to develop the four competitive strokes, proper starts and turns. As they progress, swimmers gain competitive meet experience in an introductory environment.

For additional group descriptions:  PASA - Cardinal Discovery Team

Discovery A - "Water happy" swimmers ages 3 & over
Discovery B - Swimmers ages 4 & over
Discovery C - Swimmers ages 5 - 8

Imagination Groups (Fitness & Skill Development): The Imagination Groups are designed to meet the needs of swimmers at every age and ability. The younger groups will be focused on skill development, and as swimmers get older, the emphasis is on training and fitness. Imagination 1, 2 and 3 are competition-optional. Swimmers who wish to compete will have a minimum of one meet available each month. 

For additional group descriptions:  PASA - Cardinal Imagination Team

Imagination 1 - Swimmers ages 7 - 9
Imagination 2 - Swimmers ages 9 - 11
Imagination 3 - Swimmers ages 11 - 13

Cardinal Swim School (Lesson Program): The Cardinal Swim School offers ​instruction aimed at teaching proper technique to beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers.  Instructors tailor each session to fit the needs of their student(s). Swimmers and parents can expect to see measurable success across each session. Instructors balance stroke feedback with a fun, inviting environment that is sure to instill a deep and life-long love of the water. 

For additional group descriptions:  Cardinal Swim School

Private lessons - all ages & skill levels
Parent & Tot - swimmers ages 6 months - 2 1/2 years
Wadder (Level 1)
Puffin (Level 2)
Kiwi (Level 3)
Lark (Level 4)
Cardinal (Level 5)