Membership Information

Swimmers who swim 7-10 hours per week pay $110 per month

Swimmers who swim 0-6 hours per week pay $95 per month

Any additional swimmers within a family receive a $5.00 per swimmer discount per month/level.

Monthly fees are due no later than the 10th of the month and can be paid directly to the BTST Treasurer, mailed to BTST, PO Box 6856, Silverdale, WA 98315, or in the BTST payment box found on side of the BTST deck box. A Late Fee of $6 is applied to the account if payment is not recieved by the 10th of each month.  After the third month of delinquency, the swimmer is no longer able to swim with the team until the account is paid to date.

Meet Fees
Meet fees are due the next practice day after signing up the swimmer. Costs vary per meet. Relays are at no additional cost, however are not guaranteed until the day of the meet. If you sign up for the meet, however are unable to participate, meet fees are not refundable.

Annual Fees
Annual fees are due within the first week of swimming on the team. The mandatory 2017 PNS cost is currently $73 and covers the swimmers insurance whether swimming competitively or not.

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Bangor Trident Swim Team
PO Box 6856
Silverdale, WA 98315

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