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Weekly Drop-In Tryouts - We offer weekly drop-in tryouts for prospective new members during the swim season, except during the Chinook winter, spring and summer breaks.

Please contact us for a tryout if you are interested in joining Chinook!

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Chinook Aquatic Club
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Chinook Aquatic Club is a Non-Profit organization 501(c)(3).  If you are interested in supporting Chinook through a donation please contact us at the following email address -

Chinook Aquatic Club Financial Obligation and Policies 2019-20

New Swimmers

• New swimmers who have not been on Chinook in a previous season can participate in workouts for two (2) weeks as a trial period.

• The initial check for the fee due at registration will be held until the end of the trial period. If the swimmer elects not to continue, the check will be returned and there is no financial obligation.  If the swimmer continues,then fees apply from the day that the swimmer first started.

• Fees for new swimmers joining in mid-season will be prorated based on a ten-month training season from October 2019 through July 2020.

All (Returning & New) Swimmers

• Fee schedule:


Workout Group



USA Swimming Registration

Fundraising Fee per Family

(due upon registration)**


$3,321 annually




$2,868 annually




$2,526 annually




$2,259 annually




$124 monthly

$100 annually


Family Maximum

$5,912 annually















• All groups(except Red group) require a financial commitment for the full 2019-2020 season.

Each family is responsible for the full amount of the season’s fees, unless the swimmer is in the Red group. Injury, selecting other activities, or choosing not to complete the entire season does not exclude a family from full financial responsibility for the season's training fees.

• Fees for all groups (except Red which is on amonth-to-month basis) are due as six(6)equal installments–at registration, then 11/20/19, 12/20/19, 1/20/20, 2/20/20, and 3/20/20. No discount for early payment of fees.

• For swimmers who are competing with a high school swim team: If the swimmer cannot swim with Chinook during their high school swim season and their Chinook workout group requires an annual fee commitment, the swimmer can ask for a 20 percent reduction in their annual fee. This fee adjustment only applies to high-school swimming. The adjustment does not apply to any other sports or activities.  This fee adjustment does not apply to monthly rate workout groups. If a swimmer chooses to participate in both Chinook and her/his high school program, then the regular fees will apply.

• A late fee of $20 will be assessed for each installment that is not paid within a 20-day grace period of the respective due date.

• Statements are emailed each month.

• No credit or refunds given for missed workouts or portion of the season missed due to quitting the club before the end of the season, vacation, injury, or participation in other sports.

• Team apparel such as sweats, deck coats, and duffel bags/backpacks may be purchased at additional cost to the swimmer . Orders are done on-line at the beginning of the season.

• All families are required to volunteer for Chinook-hosted meets. Anadditional non-participation fee will be assessed to families unable to volunteer to help run Chinook-hosted meets. See the P arent Participation for details on volunteer requirements for each group.

• **Participation in the annual Swim-a-thon is required or a fundraising fee of $200 per family will be charged to the account.  This is an important part of Chinook Aquatic Club’s total financial budget for the year. Families pay this fee with the registration first payment at the beginning of the season. If your swimmer(s) participate in the letter-writing program, you will receive a $200 credit on your March 1 invoice.


1. Go to our website! (you are already here!)

2. Find the link to the meet you're entering on the right side of the home page under "Meets/Events."

3. Click on "Accept/Decline" for the specific meet. 

4. Select your member athlete and select "yes" or "no" in the Declaration dropdown list.  If you select "yes," please choose your swimmer's events. 

5. Clikc "save changes" your online meet sign-up. 

6.  You will receive an auto-generated confirmation for your registration. If you do not receive one, please sign back in to the Chinook website and confirm that you clicked "submit" for your entries. 

7.  You can sign back in to your account to edit your commitment or events up until the entry due date. 

Chinook Email Lists

Chinook maintains email distribution lists for each training group and we regularly send emails to our team via these email distribution lists.  If you provided an email address with your club registration you should receive emails from the team via this distribution lists.  You can also review the emails to the team via the webpage links listed below.  Please be sure to check your email spam filter to make sure it isn't blocking emails from Chinook.  If you are missing emails please contact us at .

Links to websites for workout groups:

Senior / High School

Bellevue Blue

Renton Blue

Sectional: Bellevue/Mercer Island

Bellevue White

Renton White

Sectional: Renton

Bellevue Red

Renton Red






For the online registration portal, please click here.