Membership Information

Interested in joining Pacific Dragons Swim Team: email or call to let us know your interest.

Try-Out is scheduled by appointment only at this time. Please email at [email protected] or call at 425-691-9165 for an appointment.

Please fill all required information in the PDST Try-Out Form & submit the form to PDST Coaching Staff at the try-out.

You will receive PDST registration instruction if your swimmer is accepted by PDST.

Key Email contacts at PDST:

[email protected] (To send your inquiry, questions to PDST)

[email protected] (To send your inquiry about practice, Meet, or coach-specific questions)

[email protected] (questions about volunteering hours,, or are not able to access the volunteering hour log file)

Other PDST Contact Information:

PDST Telephone: 425-691-9165

Mailing Address: Pacific Dragons Swim Team, PO Box 2983,  Issaquah, WA 98027