Membership Information

  Sign Up Package 

 Interested in joining a fun & competitive swim club? You can test out the waters in our one week free trial period.

  1. SCHEDULE A TRYOUT  (Monday through Friday at 6:30 pm) by  contacting Coach Ryan Retana at or 360-214-0718.
  2. Fill out the registration package which can be found under the "Registration" tab on the right hand side of ESC's home page.
  3. With registration package, please enclose your USA swimming fee of $73 if you are new to USA swimming (Age Group Swimmers). This is only at the conclusion of your 1 week trial should you decide to join ESC.
  4. Come to the pool, ready to swim (suit, towel, and goggles)! 

Questions regarding filling out the registration package? 

Please contact: Heather Christenson - Registrar

  Phone: 360-789-2879       E-mail:




Financial Information

  • Along with the monthly dues, all families are expected to assist at ESC hosted swim meets.
  • All families must work a minimum of 20 hours per year per swimmer at ESC hosted swim meets, with a maximum of 40 per family.  If any family completes 50 or more work session hours at ESC hosted swim meets by May 5th, that family will receive a 25% reduction on June's monthly dues (does not include meet fees).Famlies who do not meet the work session requirements, will be billed in June at $35 per unworked hour(s).
  • Along with the monthly dues, there is a yearly $73 USA swimming membership for liability insurance. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, please contact the club on how this fee can be waived.
Monthly Dues  - please check under the "About Us/Join Us" tab

Team Members please send all payments and registration packages to:
Evergreen Swim Club
P.O. Box 11823
Olympia, WA 98508
For all billing inquiries please contact Julie White at