Membership Information


Complete an evaluation with our coaching staff, including but not limited to showing proficiency in four competitive strokes.  Swimmers should at minimum be able to complete:
  200 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke with flip turns
      100 yards of Breast stroke,
      and 50-100 yards of Butterfly.

Swimmers who do not meet these minimum requirements should contact our Aquatics Director and schedule a swim lesson evaluation.  We work closely with our swim lesson instructors to help prepare swimmers for our competitive team.

Swimmers should also:
     Have self-discipline and the ability to work and learn from the coach. 
     Have the desire to be a team participant and attend appropriate meets for your practice group. 
     Have a positive attitude and work ethic. 
Be a current Northshore YMCA member, or become a member prior to practicing with the team.
     Be between the ages of 7 and 18. 


Evaluations give our coaching staff the opportunity to asses which of our competive practice groups best fit your child’s needs.  Sometimes, coaches do recommend swimmers spend a little more time in our swim lessons or Starters swim team program.  It is our goal to place your child where they will receive the highest quality instruction based on their personal development as a swimmer.  We feel that swimmers reach a stronger technical level faster when they spend the necessary time in a swim lesson format.  Evaluations are by appointment only

The monthly dues vary from $108.00-115.00 a month, depending on which group your swimmer is assigned to practice with.  Most groups practice Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in the afternoon or early evening.

Attendance at swim meets is required.  Meets are held on weekends, and the team attends about 2 meets each month from September-March, and about one meet each month April-July.  Beginners should plan to attend a minimum of 3 meets and the State Meet with the team; requirements increase for the upper level swimmers.  We encourage all members of the team to attend as many meets as possible: we want meets to be a great experience for all our swimmers. 

The Northshore YMCA Swim Team relies heavily on the participation and work of volunteers. The involvement of parents is necessary to help us keep costs down and to maintain a successful program.  Thanks to all our great families that make our meets run so smoothly!