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Try-outs are held approximately once a month, please click here to see the next try-out date.  You can contact with any additional questions.  



The CCA schedule runs year-round with two weeks off in August. New swimmers may join the team at any time. During the school year, practices are scheduled in the afternoon and evening. In the summer months, practices are scheduled in the early morning. CCA competes in approximately one meet every three to four weeks.


CCA uses a progressive program structure to develop the child physically, mentally, and emotionally. A well-defined, long-term approach of increasing degrees of commitment is essential to the swimmer reaching his or her optimum potential. Commitment for swimmers is measured in competition and daily practice. Swimmers do not make progress without making a commitment to improving themselves through practice. It is important to establish practice groups of swimmers who are compatible in terms of age, ability, and experience. Biological maturation, "the timing and tempo of progress towards the mature state", occurs at different phases and at different ages among children. The objectives at each group level are directed towards meeting the needs of the swimmer given their physical, mental, and emotional make-up and thus ensuring the development of the swimmer. As each swimmer progresses to a higher level, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge is introduced to the training program.


For selection to a practice group, the coach considers swimmers who have met certain requirements and mastered particular skills relevant to the criteria of the practice group. The criterion for a practice group consists of several factors, such as age, practice attendance, listening skills, technical competence, practice and meet performance, self-motivation and commitment. The coach’s decision, although based on some specific criteria, is also necessarily somewhat subjective and no single factor is decisive. The coach monitors and evaluates each swimmer to determine when it is developmentally appropriate for the swimmer to change practice groups. Practice group changes usually take place in April or May, August, and December. The coach will notify swimmers individually at least one week prior to changing practice groups. Coaches will also explain the expectations of the practice group to swimmers and parents.


The Purpose of Practice

The objective of the season plan is to prepare swimmers for peak performances. Practice sessions are designed to emphasize one or more of the factors that determine peak performance. Therefore, meet performance is related to practice performance. ( See practice guidelines.)

Unforeseen Practice Cancellations

On occasion, electrical storms, very severe wind and rain, unexpected personal matters for a coach, pool heating issues, etc. may make it necessary to cancel practice with little forewarning. If practice is cancelled, the parent representatives for your practice group will attempt to contact the membership in advance or the coach will be at the pool to advise swimmers as they arrive. On days that may be questionable, when dropping off swimmers, please do not drive away without first making sure there is a practice.


Practice Group Levels
(see practice schedules or group objectives)