Membership Information


Each PSL family is required to take part in fund-raising events. Fund raising credits and volunteer hours can be earned in several ways, each of which is described below.

1. AQUATHON: Every year, the Aquathon happens in the fall and is the biggest fundraiser of the year. Each swimmer, with the coach, determines the number of laps a swimmer can complete in a 2-hour swim session. Swimmers are asked to have "sponsors" who will donate money for each lap the swimmer completes. Parents count their child’s laps, and a potluck dinner is held immediately following. Each family is required to have a minimum of $100 sponsorship.

2. SWIM MEETS: PSL has a reputation in the Bay Area of hosting swim meets of the highest caliber. Much of our operating budget is generated from the Club hosting swim meets each year. One of the commitments made when you join the PSL is to help work our own swim meets. We usually host 1-2 Meets/year. This is highly recommended, because we are a PARENT Organization, and also because you will learn all the ins and outs of swim competition! We raise funds for the team by collecting meet fees and by selling food at the snack bar during the meet. 

3. PANCAKE BREAKFAST: PSL hosts an annual pancake breakfast and silent auction event at the Pacifica Community Center. 

4. Any other fundraisers deemed necessary to help support the Team.

We ask that each comp family volunteer at least 30 hours to the team during each year. These hours are recorded and tracked by the Board. If you are not able volunteer hours, a donation of $10 per hour not worked will be deducted at the end of the fiscal year to help off-set expenses to the Club.


The current club monthly fees are:

$22 per FAMILY for competitive swimmers (1 or more swimmers)
$11 per FAMILY for pre-competitive swimmers (1 or more swimmers) 

Each family will be billed monthly to a credit card on file. Please contact the Treasurer for alternate payment arrangements.

It is the responsibility of the member to notify the coach and treasurer of intention to terminate or take a leave of absence.