Membership Information

If a swimmer or parent from another team approaches you about joining PASA, it is important that you know....

Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics, founded in 2003, has experienced a great deal of growth and prosperity since our inception. In that time frame we have achieved a great deal in the competition pool and with that, drawn more attention to how that success has been achieved. We are not only judged by our swimmers performance in and out of the water, but also by how our parents and coaches conduct themselves on the pool deck.

With growing interest in our program, experienced swimmers from other clubs consider joining PASA. This leads to the question "What, if anything, is appropriate to say to swimmers or parents of swimmers from other teams?" As a parent, the answer is simple- refer the person in question to your coach. It is the coach’s job to make sure that the prospective swimmer talks to his or her club coach first. Then our coach will follow up with a personal conversation with the prospective swimmer’s coach. This puts the entire situation up front and keeps all parties well informed. Changes in swimming are inevitable, but the courtesy shown during this change is paramount.

Remember, that at competitions, not only are the performances of our swimmers being judged, but the conduct of parents as well. At the end of the day, you must ask yourself "Is what I’m doing a positive reflection on PASA?" We will continue to try and improve as a program both in and out of the water and your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and we look forward to many more years of success!


Site Directors of PASA