Membership Information

Registration is done on this site.  Go to "Start Registration " on the opening page
Redding Swim Team at (530) 246-2666.



 The mission of the Redding Swim Team is to provide physical, emotional and social growth of swimmers through training and competition.


What we offer our community:

Year Round Ducks - has 8 different groups for swimmers from novice to national level experience. Can register at the "Start Registration "command.

Summer Ducks - seasonal summer swim team that has 2 programs, youth and high school. Can register at the "Start Registration "command.

Swim America Swim Lesson - progressive swim lessons, taught by swimmers who understands swimming. Please download forms and mail or fax registration.

Masters - adults swimmers from general conditioning to skill development to tri-athletes. Can register at the "Start Registration "command.

Water Polo - new and incredible sport in the water - soccer, hockey, and basketball combined.  Visit Shasta College website for community sports. Shasta College online at:

Diving - exciting and challenging sport for the graceful and a bit crazy. Shasta College online at:


Redding Swim Team Ethos Statement

(written by the swimmers for the swimmers)

            We are a family of swimmers, coaches, parents, and volunteers who provide a fun and friendly environment for athletes of any skill level to compete at their fullest potential. We strive to produce young adults that will become productive leaders in the community by teaching the values of teamwork and dedication.  



Teamwork is essential to the success in swimming. All teammates support each other, making it easier to endure difficult times.


Swimmers and their parents must make sacrifices in order to partake in meets, practices, and other events. Swimmers willfully dedicate a significant amount of their lives to the sport.


As a team, we strive to encourage one another to rise to the occasion and perform with maximum effort.

Positive Attitudes:

The members of our team make every effort to display positive attitudes throughout all circumstances.


The respect swimmers express towards one another and coaches demonstrates a sense of loyalty that holds us together as a team.


Swimmers, parents, and coaches inspire one another to persevere through hard work and challenges.


As a team we are united together through the bonds of shared experiences and passion for the support.


Swimmers need to be responsible enough to attend a time consuming schedule while focusing on many different tasks.