Membership Information

PST - Annual Fee Structure


Swim Group 8/20/18 - 7/28/19
Beginnner - Green $ 1,200
Beginner - Blue $ 1,500
Intermediate - Bronze $ 1,900
Intermediate - Silver $ 2,100
Advanced - Gold $ 2,300
Advanced - Platinum $ 2,400
Year Round High School $ 1,500


- Payment of dues can be done the following ways:

  • Annual lump sum payment

    • 50% on September 1

    • 50% on February 1

  • 10 monthly payments starting on September 1

    • Beginner (Green) - $130 per month

    • Beginner (Blue) - $160 per month

    • Intermediate (Bronze) - $200 per month

    • Intermediate (Silver) - $220 per month

    • Advanced (Gold) - $240 per month

    • Advanced (Platinum) - $250 per month

    • Year Round High School - $160 per month


- If joining 10/1 or later, monthly payments is the only option, and payments will continue through 7/1.

- 20% Discount on Annual Dues for 2nd/3rd children participating on team

- 20% Discount on Annual Dues for Montclair Swim Club Members 

- Families have 2018/19 Season to complete service hours.  Any unworked hours will be billed at $25/hour.

- In addition to dues, there is an annual membership fee of $250 per swimmer which includes the registration fee for membership in USA Swimming.

- Fundraising in the amount of $150 per swimmer is mandatory and charged on 3/1.  If swimmer(s) join after 3/1 this amount will be charged for the 2018/2019 season upon registration.

- Online Credit Card Payments Only.  No checks accepted for dues, annual membership fee or fundraising.

- Financial Agreement to be read, and terms agreed to, during the registration process, as follows:   

Regardless of dues payment option selected, participant(s)/guardian(s) are obligated to pay the full annual dues.  Voluntary or involuntary withdrawal from Piedmont Swim Team during the swim year will not dismiss the obligation to pay the full annual dues in the amount of time selected.  There are no refunds of any amounts.  A valid credit/debit card must be on file at all times for these dues.  Checks or cash cannot be accepted.  The annual fundraising charge of $150 per participant is mandatory and charged on either March 1 or June 1, at the Board's discretion.


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