Membership Information

Team Registration information has been posted.  Click HERE for all registration forms.  


Payment Information
When registering your swimmer(s) with York Swim Club, you are committing to Annual Membership dues payment for the reminder of the season whether or not your swimmer remains in the water through May.

You have the option of paying your York dues and registration fee(s) in full when you register OR you may select our Payment Plan in which you pay your dues in three payments. All registration fees are due with the first payment.

Payments are due by the designated due dates. Reminders are mailed approximately 15 days before payment is due. These reminders, however, are not bills. Your responsibility for prompt payment of dues remains, whether or not you recieve a reminder.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is an all-inclusive, non-refundable fee of $600 per

swimmer. The fee includes: 

· Swimmer(s) registration fees for both YORK SWIM CLUB and 
  USS (United States Swimming).

· Meet entry fees for the swim season.

· Booster payment (in lieu of fundraiser).

· Team handouts and announcements. 


Refunds and Drops
York Swim Club has found it necessary to establish a firm NO REFUND POLICYconcerning annual swimming dues and registration fees for swimmers who have registered with our club. Our financial commitments involve annual contracts, based on swimmer registrations. York Swim Club is obligated to fulfill these contracts regardless of the number of swimmers we have in the water at any time. We understand many of our swimmers will experience, at some time during the season, illness, injury, over-commitment, decreased interest or problems that may take them out of the water. While we regret these problems NO REFUND OF REGISTRATION FEE/OR DUES can be made for swimmers out of the water.

Please contact, or call703-536-6338