Membership Information

Looking to become and Aqua Club member? 
Those looking to join Aqua Club are asked to send their membership application and $100 non-refundable membership application fee -   information and form here. For more information you can review the wait list policy and review waitlists (priority and standard) here. 

You can review membership joining fee, capital improvement fee and annual membership fee information below. 'Membership' is defined within the bylaws as, '* ‘“Club Member” shall be construed to mean the individual named in the certificate of the Club membership, their spouse and each dependent child residing in such individual’s house’. The cost shown here is for Summer 2022 at Aqua Club for club membership. This is subject to change in future seasons/years - reach out if you have additional questions.

Here is a breakdown of the associated fees from this season (all of which are subject to change at any time); 
  • Membership joining fee: $1,500
    (This is a one-time joining fee for those accepting their Aqua Club membership.)
  • Capital improvement fee: $1,500
    All current and future members (for the next 10 years) are being assessed $1,500 for the recently completed remodel.)
    (These assessment fees are non-refundable. Members have two options in how they pay - either in full OR $300/year for their next 6 years). 

  • Annual Membership fee: $900
    (This is the current yearly fee for the Summer 2022 season (Saturday May 21 - Sunday, September 4th, 2022) prorated after the season begins.)
*Each member family has a volunteer requirement of a minimum of two hours per year during one or more scheduled Work Parties to encourage ownership and participation at the Club and to keep its operating costs down. If the work requirement is not completed by an Aqua Club membership holder prior to the Summer season, a fee of $100 is assessed to their account. Please see additional costs for lessons/teams/programs for their specific costs and policies for each.  
*Membership application fee: $100. This is the processing fee for your initial membership application. All prospective members must have this form complete and fee paid to be considered for membership. The fee is nonrefundable.