Membership Information

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If you are interested in joining the Aqua Club there is currently a wait list. The fee for getting on the waiting list is $100. If you have any questions regarding memberships please use the contact form

The cost to join the Aqua Club is (as of October 2017):

Wait list/processing fee $100.00 *
Membership Joining fee    $1500.00
Annual membership fee $800.00**

The Aqua Club may opt to enact a special financial assessment on all memberships to help fund facility updates.  Any assessment would be in addition to above joining fee and dues. 

If you would like to sign up for the wait list please fill out the Membership Form and send the wait list fee and completed membership form to:

Aqua Club, P.O. Box 82122, Kenmore WA 98028.

If you have questions regarding billing or payment status please contact:

Shirley Kronheim
E-mail: Use our Contact form! (Bookkeeping Questions)

If you have a membership and you decide to sell, send Aqua Club your original membership certificate with a letter, stating that you wish to sell your membership. Mail the above items to the Aqua Club, PO Box 82122, Kenmore 98028. You receive back 33% of your initial joining fee, plus a portion of your annual fee if you sell during the season.

* Wait list/processing fee is non-refundable.
** The annual fee is prorated after the season begins.