Membership Information


Club Membership


  • Membership purchased directly from the Pool:  $625.00 until June 15th, $650 after that (includes first year annual dues)
  • Membership purchased from another member:  Member's asking price plus annual dues for the current year (if they haven't already paid) and a $20 transfer fee
  • 1st Year Family Rental Membership: $465 plus 6.25% tax
  • 2nd Year Family Rental Membership: $515 plus 6.25% tax
  • Individual Rental: $175 plus 6.25% tax


Hy-Crest is a membership facility.  We are owned and operated by our family members. We currently have about 200 Members and we'd love to have you join our family.

We offer many benefits you don't get at the large commercial parks. We offer grass and trees, not concrete. And we're just a short walk or bike ride away - just around the bend from Keehner Park. No more tracking the kids at the big parks, no more drop-off/pickup-up points. We're a safe, healthy, family place for our youth to swim, play and relax with their friends and family.

You can become a member by either purchasing a certificate or purchasing a one-year summer rental.  Both methods provide you with all of the enjoyment and activities of our community. Additionally, Owners have the right to vote on major pool issues and any by-law changes.

Rental Option:  A limited number are available, with the 2018 Rate at $465 per family or $175 per individual.

Other Fees:  In addition to the memberships, each Owner also pays dues for each season.  The 2018 Annual Dues are $450 plus any taxes.  Changes to this amount are made by a vote of the Owners.

For more infomation about how Hy-Crest Swim Club operates read our by-laws here.

The club currently has a limited number of memberships available for sale. If you'd like more information, send us an email to hycrestswimclub@gmail.com. One of our board members will contact you to discuss the opportunity for your family to join ours.

Thank you for your interest in Hy-Crest.