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The Sharks Swim Team Club

at Bedford at Falls River

Bedford at Falls River is excited to offer the 2014 summer swim team club: The Bedford Sharks. The Bedford Sharks is for residents only and is a fun and enjoyable experience for children to be exposed to competitive swimming, improve their swimming skills, learn about team spirit, and represent the community of Bedford at Falls River. If you are new to the Bedford Sharks the following information will help you know what to expect. If you are a returning family please read carefully as there may be important changes or things you have forgotten from previous years. GO SHARKS!!!

Registration, Fees, and Information





Swimmer age 5-14   $90.00 each swimmer
Swimmer age 15-18   $50.00 each swmmer

Included in your fees, each child will receive the following:

  • 10 fun filled weeks of swimming instruction with a head coach who has record holding, college level swimming experience and has year round and high school level swim team coaching experience.  The remaining coaching staff are either college or senior high school students who have previously been life guards, coaches, or Bedford Shark team members.  They are all past or current TSA swimmers for 10+ years, they have experience as high school swim team members,  and/or year round swimmers.  The have experience in coaching various local swim clinics and each have previous experience in giving swim lessons to young children through Bedford or other organizations.
  • 2014 Bedford Sharks Swim Team t-shirt
  • Swim cap
  • Recognition Award
  • End of Season Swim Banquet

** When you register your child(ren), you are agreeing to work at 3 swim meets. The Bedford Sharks appreciate and welcome you to help above and beyond 3 meets , but 3 meets is the minimum requirement of a swim team family. If you are unable to fulfill this commitment, your child(ren) will not be able to participate in the meets **

Please note the swimmers’ requirements for being eligible to be a swim team member (suggested age and ability).

At least 4-5 years of age and able to swim one length of the lap pool unassisted.

All swimmers will be evaluated by the coaching staff during the first week of practice. The coaching staff will evaluate your swimmer(s) during the first week and if they feel your child is not capable of swimming well enough to be safe during swim team practices, they will discuss it with you. A good guideline for you to go by when deciding whether they will pass the coach’s evaluation or not, would be if they can make it from one end of the pool to the other unassisted. The coaches are well practiced at being able to determine if a swimmer is close enough to this goal, and strong enough to be safe in the water during a regular swim team practice session.

**If you are unsure how close your child is to swimming an entire length of the pool, it would be a good idea to visit one of the indoor pools in the area to give it a try. Millbrook Exchange Park, Optimist…these are two of the closest. The safety of all swimmers is the main concern of our coaches and organizational team, followed closely by the desire for everyone to  HAVE FUN  !! Please be respectful of their considered opinions and supportive of our coaches in making sure your child(ren) are ready for a safe and fun summer participating in swim team.

***  Attention all high school aged swimmers   ...To help you achieve your community service hours that are expected of you by most Wake County High Schools..we are implementing the Shark Trainer program. You will have the opportunity to earn community service hours by volunteering to assist the Bedford Shark Swim Team Managers and Coaches. See a coach or a team manager, Mrs. Burgess or Mrs. Kozubowski to log in your hours.



This year swimsuits will be ordered through Team Unify.

These suits are team quality at a much reduced price.

The girls will be wearing: navy/orange: TYR Team Check Diamondfit     @ $44.99 each

The boys will be wearing: navy/orange:  TYR Team Check Jammer     @ $29.99 each

The boys have a second choice: navy/orange:  TYR Team Check Racer @$23.99 each

The suits will be available to order online NOW by clicking the Sharks Team Suit icon located on the upper right side of the website Home page, and a sizing kit will be available at the clubhouse near April 1, 2013.  If you know your size, you can order anytime and the suits will be shipped directly to you.

All swimmers are encouraged to wear goggles for practice and meets. They provide good protection for the eyes from chemicals in the water, and they allow a swimmer to clearly see where they are swimming.