Membership Information


offered by the Cordova Recreation and Park District (CRPD).  Practice for the 2019

swim season will start on 4/29/2019.  Tentative practice times will be posted at the

end of January prior to the start of registration 

        In order to plan and coordinate social events, communicate with the swimmers

and their families, and manage swim meets,  CRPD enlists the help of a VOLUNTEER

Parent Board.  Even in the off season, the volunteer Parent board can be reached

using the "Contact Us" button located above our logo on the left side of this team

website.  While the parent board helps communicate registration information, all 

actual registration activities will be handled through the CRPD website and the CRPD

office at Hagan Park (916) 369-9844 begining February 1, 2019.   In order to be completely

registered, you will need to complete 5steps, 6 if your swimmer is new to the team.

  1. Pay CRPD registration fee
  2. Complete and turn in Cordova Blue Marlin Registration Form
  3. ​Complete and turn in Code of Conduct
  4. Pay Swimmer Fee to Cordova Blue Marlins  ($25 per swimmer
  5. Leave $125 check made out to Cordova Blue Marlins as a

deposit​ to ensure each family completes the REQUIRED 20

hours of volunteer hours.  These volunteer hours are necessary

to run the Saturday swim meets so families will need

to be available to volunteer  on these days.


Swimmers new to our team MUST complete a swim test. Swimmers age 10 and under must

be able to swim 25 yards unassisted. Swimmers 11 and up must be able to

swim 50 yards unassisted..  Swim tests will be held by appointment during swim clinics

March 18 to April 5. Swimmers needing swim tests can contact Susie Patterson

by calling the CRPD office in Hagan Park (916) 369-9844 or by email 

[email protected]