Membership Information

The Burke Centre Swim Club (BCSC) is comprised of two teams; the Burke Centre Penguins and the Burke Centre Stingers.  Each team has approximately 225 swimmers.   Neither team has a dive team.  Both teams are considered equal (there is no "A" or "B" team).  The Penguins & the Stingers exist under a single charter, but they operate completely independently with individual team presidents and boards.  The Burke Centre Conservancy maintains five pools throughout the Burke community.  The home pool for the Penguins is the Landings Pool.  The home pool for the Stingers is the Ponds Pool.  Visit both teams'  websites to learn more.  When you register to swim, you request a particular team.  Once swimmers are assigned to a team, they remain on that team.  Every effort is made to honor requests, but understand that the club attempts to balance the total swimmers, age-groups, and abilities of both teams.  For this reason, it may be necessary, on occasion, to move a swimmer to a particular team.  To keep the teams balanced, changing teams, after you have been assigned, is not permitted.  The Burke Centre Swim Club participates in the Colonial Swimming League (CSL) Colonial Swim League website