Membership Information

Swim Team Membership is open to all Leslie Beach Club members and those swimmers outside the membership neighborhood.  See the Swim Group descriptions to understand how our team practices are managed.  If you are looking to register for the first time, please contact the head coach for more information on swimmer evaluations.  You may complete registration online however before your swimmer is placed in a practice group, the LBC Head Coach will need to meet your swimmer.  If looking to get more information about LBC or the Swim Team specifically, feel free to submit your questions through this site using the Contact Us link.

Team Coordinators:

Assistant Team Coordinators - Lisa Stalter & Sue Boehringer
Registration & Computer Operation - 
Volunteer Coordinator - Gabriela Probst -
Concessions Operation - Todd Stalter -
Bull Pen Manager and New Parent Liaison

Special Operations:

T-Shirt and Swim Suit Managment - Sue Boehringer-
Banquet Manager and End of Season Activities - Robin Brosnan