Membership Information
Thank you for your interest! We offer a 2 week trial, so that we can get to know each other better!
Berean Christian Swimming is a team that is affiliated with Berean Christian Middle and High Schools.  We have both swimmers from the day school and home schooled / independant study students. We are compete locally as part of KMISL (Knoxville Middle School League) and KISL (Knoxvile area high school league)
We are often asked if non-Berean students are allowed to swim for Berean.  For High School, KISL, the swimmer must be registered with Berean to be able to score points at a meet. We do however have several swimmers that are registered at other umbrella schools, private schools, coop schools (Rivers Edge) and even a public high school that does not have a swim team, who swim with us.  If we are able to establish a coop arrangement with this school, then the swimmer is able swim as a full member of the Berean team, including City Meet.  If the swimmer qualifies for State, then we will send them as a seperate HS, under the direction of our coaching staff.  
For Middle School is is less complicated.  As long as their school does not have swimming available, then we can have them compete.
Either way, we have several swimmers that are not registered through Berean who choose to swim with us to get the swimming experience, great coaching, have the chance to improve their times and be a part of a great group of kids!