Membership Information

2018 Contacts


Contact Parent Delegate Toni Samudio at DWDToni@gmail.com or 303-579-8667 for issues of:

  • Registration
  • Money matters
  • Concerns with the head coach or other parents
  • Problems with other teams
  • Meet management
  • Team Communications
  • Social Media
  • Website


Contact Head Coach Terry Trieu at Terry@SwimVantage.com or 720-206-4219 for issues of:

  • Reporting absences or tardiness
  • Problems with assistant coaches
  • Special considerations/accommodations for your swimmer(s)
  • Problems with other swimmers
  • Problems with the pool
  • Drop/Add events at meets
  • Meet scores


Contact Jane Robinson (303-807-3939) or Candace Ellman (303-947-5363) at DWDvolunteers@gmail.com for issues of:

  • Volunteering or Volunteer Positions

Contact Athena Iverson (303-750-5704) at athenaiverson@yahoo.com or Julia Chavez (303-815-9005) at julialchavez@gmail.com for issues of:

  • Team gear or merchandise
  • New member orientation
  • Social Events

We are still accepting swimmer registrations.  Click on the " Registration" tab to find out more about how to register for the 2018 Summer Swim Season.