Membership Information

The Hills West Waves Swim Team strives to help each child improve their swimming skills, challenge their personal best, and understand the importance of teamwork. We provide a balance between recreational and competitive swimming in a safe, fun, and supportive community environment so that each child learns, is challenged, gains a sense of accomplishment, and has fun.

Age/Ability: Swimmers must be eighteen years and under as of June 1, 2021, and they must have the ability to swim one length of the pool (25 meters) unassisted before they can swim in a meet.

Attendance:  Attendance at practice sessions is very important. Failing to participate in practice not only hinders the swimmer’s skill development, but it also creates an unfair situation for those swimmers who do participate in all practice sessions. Thus, lack of attendance and/or tardiness at practices may result in a swimmer losing eligibility to participate in upcoming meets. We have a very short swim season, starting with practices on May 24th and ending with Championships on July 17th. Our end-of-the-season awards banquet will be held after Championships on Sunday, July 18th. Please keep these dates in mind when planning your vacations, and try to plan around the swim season, if possible.

Parent participation:  Parent participation is mandatory for a successful swim season. This year we will be hosting three meets, and it takes a tremendous amount of work to host these meets successfully. The team cannot do it without your help, and as such, each swim family is required to work at least six (6) shifts during the regular swim season. If your child swims in any of the post season meets (prelims, championships, and/or All Stars), you will be required to work additional shifts at those meets to cover the team’s obligations.


Each participant must be registered through this web site, account paid in full, and MHSL release form signed, on or before the first day of practice.

Due to liability reasons there can be no exceptions to this rule. We cannot let a child enter the pool unless all their forms are in order. Please understand that our goal is to ensure that we are in full compliance of all applicable laws for the safety and security of our participants.

Pool Membership

Swim team membership and pool memberships are sold seperately. Your child can be a part of the swim team without purchasing a pool membership and vice versa. The pool membership is a great way for your whole family to enjoy the benefits of the Hills West Pool for the entire summer.

The Hills West pool is available for membership to families outside of the Hills West subdivision for the 2021 swim season (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

For more information, please call Hammersmith Management at 303-980-0700 or stop by the pool office.