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Mission: Encourage and promote swimming excellence while developing sportsmanship, integrity and a passion to do your best.

Motto: Swimming with Purpose

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Info FF Flyers Swim Club PO Box 236, Fergus Falls, MN 56538  
Coach Head Summer Tom Uvaas   
Coach Head Winter-Summer Age Group Joyce Monk  
Coach Assistant Summer Emilie Reard    
Board President Melissa Aanerud

Board Vice President/Registar Laurie Seay


Board Meet Manager Kia Donais    
Board Club Entries Coordinator Jenn Whitted  
Board Secretary Kia Donais   
Board Treasurer Rachel Tuel  
Board At Large/Community Relations Coordinator Gina Ackerson


Meet Personnel Safety Laurie Seay  
Official Starter/Referee Al Koeckeritz  
Official Stroke & Turn OPEN    
Official Stroke & Turn OPEN    


Website Website Mike Reard

Why Join the Summer Swim Team?

  • Everyone gets to swim regardless of ability: Ever had your child in a sport and your child had to sit on the bench or play a less important role because he/she is not the fastest or best player on the team? Not with swimming. Everyone swims regardless of ability or age.
  • Our coaches: Coach Tom Uvaas and Coach Joyce Monk head up our program and between them they have decades of coaching experience. Both Coach Uvaas and Coach Monk coach at the high school level for the last 30+ years and have consistently, year in and year out, produced successful, competitive, winning teams. You need more than two hands and two feet to count how many coaching awards these two have won. They are great at coaching older children but are very good with younger children as well. Their coaching styles emphasize the development of your child as both a swimmer and a person. It doesn’t get any better than these two.
  • Flexible practice times: We have practice every weekday and your child can swim in either the morning or afternoon. Older swimmers tend to swim in the morning and the younger/newer swimmers usually swim in the afternoon. The coaches will help you determine when your child should swim. Can’t make it one week because you are on vacation? No problem, take the week off and come back refreshed the following week. Want to swim only 2 or 3 times a week, not all 5 days? No problem. Pick the days that work the best for you. Want to attend a practice and watch your child? No problem. We’re flexible.
  • Flexible competition schedule: The swim team attends meets throughout the summer season where your swimmer has a chance to compete against swimmers of their own age and ability from other teams. You can choose whether you want to attend some, all, or none of these meets. Pick the ones that match your schedule and needs. We’re flexible.
  • We’re more than just a recreation program: We carpool to meets together. We take a bus once or twice a year to a swim meet. We have a team supper during the summer and an end of year banquet/pot luck where we honor the swimmers and reflect on the season. Many parents, especially of the younger swimmers, come and watch their children at practice. When you do these things you get to know the parents, coaches, and swimmers and you quickly realize we are a swimming community, not just another recreation program.
  • We only put your child in events in which your child can succeed: Our coaches will never put your child into an event or situation where your child does not have a chance to succeed. When you enter your child into a meet the coaches review your entries. If you selected events your child is not ready for, or if your child has missed a lot of practice and it’s not safe to swim an event, the coach will contact you and find events that are right for your child. It’s all about the experience. We want your child to succeed and to continue to swim for a lifetime.
  • Cost for what you get: Compare the price of our program to other programs your child belongs to. Compare our price to the price swim teams in other communities charge. Considering what we charge and what you get we feel you are getting good value for your dollar. We have financial hardship scholarships available for those families that qualify. We’ve never turned away a family from swimming for financial reasons.
  • Controlled environment: No listening to the radio or waiting for a phone call to see if swim practice is on or not because of the rain or the 40 mile per hour wind. We always have practice unless there’s a storm warning that requires us to take shelter.
  • Our swim board and parents: We have a very active parent volunteer swim board that works closely with our coaches to ensure we have a quality swim program that provides opportunities for your child. It’s not just one or two families but many, which helps ensure the program is diverse and successful. We have several families still active with the team even though their children are off to college and no longer swim with the team.
  • Our swimmers: We have been fortunate to have, over the years, older swimmers take on the responsibility of role model and mentor for our younger swimmers.  Our older swimmers swim along-side the younger swimmers, helping them learn the sport and become good citizens. It’s not just about swimming. Its life lessons, not just from the coaches, not just from the parents, but from the other swimmers as well. The Fergus Falls High School swim teams, both boys and girls, consistently, year after year, win good sportsmanship awards. Parents from our team routinely hear comments from parents and coaches from other teams about how polite and courteous our swimmers are. It just doesn’t happen overnight but starts when the children are younger and swimming in the summer program. 
  • Our reputation: We have a good reputation within the Fergus Falls community as a well run organization. We are one of the largest, out-state Minnesota teams and have a reputation within the state-wide swimming community of running a good program. Many college coaches, when they hear a swimmer is from Fergus Falls, have a statement something like “Good program. I’ll take that swimmer any day”.
  • We ask for and listen to your ideas and suggestions: How many times has your child participated in an activity and at the middle or end of the season have you been asked you how’s it going, what can we do to improve? Most activities don’t ask for input, but we do. At the end of year banquet we have an evaluation form that we ask you to fill out about the season. We incorporate the input from these forms into changes for the next season. We are here for you and your child. We want to know how it’s going. 
  • We’re good at communicating: We understand the issues parents have with communication when their child is in an activity. Most of the parents on the board have children on the swim team. We work hard at communication. We send out emails at least once a week, sometimes more. We have a website with current information available. For those without computer access we communicate with phone calls. Children will occasionally bring home a handout from the coach. We post information on the walls at the pool. We have the ability to signup for swim meets and buses on our website with clear due dates and times so you can sign-up when it’s convenient for you. We ask you how it’s going so if we aren’t communicating well we can correct it.
  • We’re part of a larger state, national, and international swim program: Our club is part of an organization called Minnesota Swimming Incorporated (MSI), which is part of a nationwide organization called United States Swimming (USS). For us to have a swim team we have to apply for a charter from MSI each year. When your child joins the team he/she must become a USS member (for the primary reason of insurance). There are rules from both of these organizations that we as a team must follow for running our club, daily practice, coaching staff,  hosting swim meets, and attending swim meets. The good thing about being part of these organizations is that it provides opportunities for your child to swim. As your child gets better and better there are opportunities to swim at the state level, national level, and even at an international Olympic level. The sky’s the limit.
  • We work hard but we have fun doing it: Swimming’s a hard sport. Going back and forth in the pool can get monotonous. Our coaches are very good at getting your child to work hard but have fun doing it. Two of the team’s favorite make-practice-more-fun activities are M&M Fridays and Christmas in July.
  • Swimming is a healthy, lifetime activity: Some of the sports your child is in today require a team of people with special equipment to play, and will end when your child graduates from high school or college. Swimming is not one of those sports. Any age person, from age 1 to 100 can swim. All you need is a pool or lake and maybe a pair of goggles. No extra buddies to form a team (just a buddy or lifeguard for safe swimming). No special equipment. It’s a very good cardiovascular activity with very few injuries (if done properly).
  • We’re safety conscience: We work very hard at providing a safe environment for your child. We are constantly talking to the children about safety in the pool area.  Safety precautions such as: walk, don’t run; keep the pool deck area clear of clutter; no diving except off the blocks and with a coach present; buddy up when in the locker room; no horse play in the locker rooms; never swim alone. We practice and preach these things day in and day out.

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