Membership Information

Mission Statement:
The coaching staff's goal is to help create a positive swim experience for all children on the Manteca Dolphins Swim Team. We strongly emphasize the development of correct stoke techniques. This emphasis on fundamentals results in improved stokes and times for novice swimmers and the establishment of a necessary base for advance skills as the swimmers progress. At all levels the swim workouts emphasize the teaching of stroke mechanics as well as conditioning and fun.

Our emphasis in competition focuses on involving all swimmers in a positive competitive experience. Our aim is the full participation of all children on the team.

The sense of self-esteem, discipline and personal responsibility that children gain from their experience on the team helps them mature and develop as individuals as well as swimmers. We aim to facilitate this growth and believe that both personal growth and improved swimming are natural, positive outcomes from our swim program.

Age Group Eligibility Rule
A swimmer will compete in the age group in which he/she starts as of April 1st.

In order to remain eligible to participate in the MVSL, a swimmer may neither practice or swim for any other team from November 1st thru March 31st. Exceptions will be granted to swimmers participating in high school and college swim programs.

To be eligible for the MVSL championship meet, a swimmer must have completed in at least two (2) individual events in at least four (4) scheduled league meet in a (7) seven meet season; (3) three in a (6) six meet season (including invitational meets where at least two (2) other league teams are participating) as an official member of his/her respective team during that season.  Relay races in a and MVSL "Relay Invitational Meet" shall count as an individual event for swimmers with verified participation.