Membership Information

Joining the team is fun and easy!


Please read registration rules below before filling out the registration forms.

A. A notice will be provided to the previous year’s swim team members prior to registration day.

B. New swimmers and previous year’s swim team members will be allowed to sign up between registration day and the "Black and Blue Meet" in May, But, MUST BE REGISTERED and PAID BEFORE ENTERING THE WATER.

C. Registration will be closed after the last practice before the Black and Blue Meet..

D. Registration fees are not refundable after a swimmer has swum the first practice (been in the water).

F. Exceptions to the Registration Rules may only be made with the Amador Swim Team Board approval.

G. Registration fee for the swim season is $185 per swimmer for the first member of a family, $140 for the second and $85.00 for each  swimmer thereafter with a family cap of $580. These fees include championship fees.

H. A mandatory $15.00 fee must be paid to the NorCal Swim League for each swimmer and each swimmer must be registered online with the league as well,  Details can be found on our website and the NorCal Swim League website. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIGN IN! Click on the "Start Registration" button under the "Sign In" button, Then scroll to the bottom and click on the red " Register Now" button.

H. All new swimmers must provide a copy of their birth certificate when registering.

Team gear and MANDATORY swim suit  is at an additional cost.

For Application forms please click here