Membership Information

The Dolphins Team Registration (2019-2020)   

Fall/Winter Registration:

August 1st Online Registration Opens.  Be sure that you register online BEFORE going to registration.  We may not have access to our website at our registration locations and registering online beforehand will make your registration experience much more enjoyable (and shorter).      Click here to Register 

We will have 2 in person registration sessions this year.

Tuesday September 24th from 6-8PM at the Waukegan Field House we will be hosting a registration night at our pool. The Swim Team shop will also be there to fit swimmers for their team suit. In addition, they will be selling swim equipment for the season.   (Click here for directions).

If you have questions about joining our team please contact us.

Prospective members should review the Team Handbook  for more detailed information about our team.


2019-20 Swim Team Fees:

5-18 year olds (full season): $500.00

High School Girls (half season): $250.00

High School Boys (half season): $250.00

(Half Season and Jr. Team does NOT include a Team Suit or team shirt)

We offer a $25 discount off any FULL SEASON FEE for each sibling that signs up (must be from the same family). 
The $50 mandatory volunteer waiver will be refunded at the end of the season when volunteer commitment is met.
*The High School Half Season fee is only applicable to swimmers who are swimming for their High School Swim team.  If a high-school-aged swimmer registers for the entire season, the full season rate applies.