Membership Information

Membership Information

How do I join the Moraga Ranch Swim Club?
Moraga Ranch currently has a waiting list of families wishing to join.  While membership availability is difficult to predict and changes often, we encourage your family to get on the waiting list if there is an interest in joining.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to be placed on the waiting list.  Once a current member family leaves the club—and a membership opportunity becomes available—the membership secretary will contact the family at the top of the waiting list and provide membership materials.  Until then, no written application for membership is required.

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We’re on the waiting list for membership.  How long will we have to wait to join the club?
While the number and timing of available memberships can vary from one year to the next, there is generally less membership turnover as the spring and summer months approach.  In the past, some families on the waiting list have elected not to join when a membership opportunity arose.  An interested family should get on the waiting list to ensure its earliest possible opportunity to join.

What are the membership fees?
New member families join under an associate membership.  The initial membership fee is $500 plus quarterly dues (effective February 1, 2010, our dues are $275 per quarter, payable by February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1). When a proprietary or “full” membership becomes available to be offered to the family with the greatest seniority on the associate membership list, the family may elect to accept the proprietary membership or terminate their club membership entirely.  An associate member family that elects to accept a proprietary membership pays an additional $500 membership fee ($1,000 proprietary membership fee less $500 credit for the associate membership fee already paid).  A proprietary member family in good standing receives a refund of the proprietary membership fee in accordance with the club’s bylaws upon termination of its club membership.  When an associate member family declines an offer of an available, proprietary membership, the family’s membership in the club is terminated, and the $500 initial membership fee is not refundable.

Does MRSC have a swim team?
Yes.  Moraga Ranch belongs to the nine-member Orinda-Moraga Pools Association (OMPA) and has a recreational swim team, the Piranhas, that generally begins pre-season, afternoon practices around early May and continues with weekday practices in the regular season, which starts when the local Moraga schools are on summer break.  During the regular season, the team competes in swim meets generally twice a week with teams from other OMPA clubs or non-league teams in the area.  The season ends with a league-wide, OMPA championship swim meet that usually occurs in early August and is generally the highlight of the season for swim team members and their families.  Some swimmers will participate in the Contra Costa County championship swim meet that usually occurs later in August.  Regular season swim team practices start with the older children each weekday morning.  The club also has a Mini-Piranhas program for the youngest children (generally up to age 5), which holds its pool sessions on early weekday afternoons, usually for about 6 weeks starting in late June.  

If we join the swim club, do we have to register our children for the swim team?
No.  Children of proprietary or associate member families who are eligible under OMPA rules to participate on the swim team are not required to participate on the team.  The fees and dues required to maintain club membership do not include swim team registration fees or other team-related expenses.

What social events are available for Moraga Ranch members?
Traditionally, at least one social event for all club members is held during the summer.  Informal parties on the Fourth of July and other hot summer days have become very popular in recent years.  Various events organized around the swim team generally have included activities such as age group social events, a Pasta/Skit Night, and a season-ending Awards Night ceremony.

When are lifeguards scheduled?
While schedules are subject to change, there generally is a lifeguard on duty during swim team practice until the local Moraga schools are out on summer break.  During the summer, a lifeguard is generally on duty from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm and from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm on holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day).

When does the swim club open for the season and when does it close?
The club’s facilities generally open for membership use around the beginning of April each year until around the end of October, when the facilities are closed until the following spring.

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