Membership Information

Valley Swim Team is a USS Swim Club hosted by the Valley Swim Club in Colorado Springs. We do accept all pool members to the team and we do accept non-pool-members but are limited to 30% of our team makeup.

Membership Information
Please email the following to Wendy if you would like to be put on the waiting list for 2014
Please include: 
  • All names of household family members
  • home address including zip code
  • and two contact phone numbers.

Wendy Gerhardt - Membership

Membership Fees
One time fees...
Family: $1,750
$1,650 will be refunded when the member sells their membership.

Individual: $1,550
$1,450 will be refunded when the members sells their membership.

Annual Dues:
Family: $475 - New for 2014
Individual: $375 - New for 2014
Rental Dues:
Family: $700 - New for 2014