Membership Information

Membership on the Potomac Station Sailfish is open to all Potomac Station residents up to age 18.  We will accept swimmers from neighboring communities,  if there is room available. Children 6 and under will be accepted only if they can swim across the pool without human assistance.- follow link for more info: https://www.teamunify.com/TabGeneric.jsp?_tabid_=18044&team=recpssva


Please read our 2015 Parent Handbook for details about the Sailfish.



The Sailfish fees are as follows for the 2018 swim season.
1st child - $125.00

2nd child - $100.00

3rd child - $75.00

4th child - $45.00

There is a $35.00 family membership fee.

There is a $75.00 fee for all non-Potomac Station residents.

Online Registration Link http://www.teamunify.com/MemRegStart.jsp?team=recpssva