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REGISTRATION FOR THE 2020 SEASON runs from January 21st to February 23rd for returning eligible families.  Open registration for all swimmers begins February 25th at noon. To be eligible, swimmers must have participated in 3 dual meets, and families must have completed the required volunteer hours in the 2019 season.


2020 Requirements:

  • REQUIREMENTS:  Swimmer participation in 3 Dual Meets (not including Mock Meet), completion of 15 regular season volunteer hours (per family), and completion of Champs volunteer hours (per family, amount TBD).



Please click the "Registration" tab for additional information.


There will be NO PAPER-BASED registration.  The EDH Tasmanian Devils invites families to register using the on-line system.  Click the Start Registration link at the top of the left menu bar below the Sign In button. Note that the link may not be visible and will not be active until the applicable registration periods.


Upon clicking Start Registration, the system will prompt you to


1.  Register Now -- Use this to register for the upcoming season


2.  Check Status of Submitted Registrations -- Use this to check to see the status of your submitted registration.  All registrations must be accepted and processed by the team Registrar.


After clicking Register Now, the system will prompt you with a choice:


1.  I am not currently signed in, but I already have a Billing Account -- this choice will present the login screen.  Families with existing accounts log into the system normally using your established e-mail account and password.


2.  I am not sure -- select this if you are not sure you have an active account with the team.  The system will ask you to input an e-mail account that you would like to check.


If you cannot remember your active e-mail account, click the Please Contact Me tab at the top of this page.  Input your information, and the Team Administrator will contact you regarding the status of your account.