Membership Information

                                                                2022 WILLOWDALE SWIM CLUB     

New families can join for $425!

Second Year Families can rejoin for $425!



How much does it cost to join?

New families join the first year for only $425 through May 31, 2022 ($425 on or after June 1st - no exceptions), regardless of household size.  First year families are called Associate Members and enjoy all club privileges except voting.  It's like a trial membership, to let you get to know us for the season at a really great price.  No strings attached!  

Second Year Families Membership Fee is $425

Regular Members pay dues based on family size


Membership Fees
          Associate     (New Family)                      $425
          Regular (Returning Bondholders)
               R1 (Young Adult (18-26 OR Single Member Household)     $515
               R2   (2 Household Members)                                           $640
               R3   (3 Household Members)                                           $715
               R4   (4 Household Members)                                           $790
               R5   (5 Household Members)                                           $815
               R6   (6+ Household Members)                                         $840
         Senior (57+)
                S1   (Senior Single)                                                       $300
                S2    (Senior 2 Household Members)                               $350
                S3    (Senior 3 Household Members)                               $390
                S4    (Senior 4 Household Members)                               $435

*Promotional price valid through 5/26/21.  The Willowdale Board of Directors reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time and determine eligibility.  Brand new members only.