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Membership Information


You are eligible for the Coves Swim Team if you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Participant(s) must be a child (ren) or legal dependent of a Coves or Coves North resident.
  • Live at a residence in the Coves or Coves North neighborhoods that pay Homeowners Association (HOA) dues. (Rental home residents are eligible.)
  • The family must reside in the Coves or Coves North neighborhood on June 1st.
  • Seasonal resident - The Coves or Coves North resident (non-parent) must have legal notarized documentation (Guardianship Papers/Power of Attorney) demonstrating their legal obligation to the child throughout the entire swim season.  The board will review and approve all legal documentation.  The legal documentation is required to allow the non-parent to have medical rights over the child.  Proof of legal documentation is required for liability protection for the Coves Swim team and/or Coves Homeowner’s Association.
    • Examples of Seasonal Residents: Foreign Exchange Student, Children of Deployed Military Personnel.
  • “Legacy Swimmers” – Swimmers of families that have a combined 3 years with the team and become a ‘non-resident’ of the Coves or Coves North neighborhoods.  The legacy swimmer may return every year until they age out. The swimmer must swim continuously every year to remain eligible. Any siblings of the swimmer will become eligible to swim as a legacy swimmer.
    • Special Circumstances related to eligibility requirements will require review and approval by the board.


Swimmers must have approved membership with the Coves Swim Team and meet the eligibility requirements stated above.

Full payment of homeowner association dues, swim team fees and a current USA Swimming membership are required before a new or returning swimmer can practice or participate on the swim team.

A. NEW SWIMMERS and ALL 8 & UNDER SWIMMERS must demonstrate their ability to swim. The coach will set a date in which the swimmer will be required to swim the width of the deep-end of the pool. This requirement is necessary for the safety of the swimmer. The coach, after evaluating the swimmer’s ability, will make a recommendation to the board regarding their membership.  If any swimmer does not fulfill the requirements, all swim team fees (not including USA Swimming or Northland Conference fees) will be refunded by the treasurer.