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Sandie Hernbroth founded the Tidalwaves recreational age group swim team over 20 years ago. It began as a small group of swimmers and over time has grown into a team of 140 plus swimmers.  The Tidal Waves have enjoyed success within the Tri-Valley Swim League, most recently finishing 2nd Place in 2016. 


The Tidalwaves Swim Team promotes a life long positive attitude towards swimming by providing a healthy environment of fun, competition, stroke development, and social development for swimmers.


The Philosophy of the Bay Club Tidalwaves is the same as that of the Tri-Valley Swim league.

Ultimately, the goal of the Tri-Valley Swim League is that each participant will develop a life long positive attitude towards swimming.  During the season individual skill development, goal setting, recreational competition and, most importantly, fun will be stressed.  Each swimmer will be encouraged to reach their full potential and be made to feel a part of the team.  If an individual champion or winning team is developed along the way … that is fine.  However, this is not the main purpose of the league.

The Tri-Valley Swim League believes that a winner is not just the one who finishes first in a race.  It is much more than that.  Through the competitive experience, everyone can become a “WINNER” by striving towards individual goals and ultimately achieving them.  Being the best is not as important as trying your best.

We hope that years from now the swimmers of the Tri-Valley Swim League will look back fondly on the fun they had at practices and meets, the friends they made, the excitement of the competitions, and the successes - as well as the disappointments - they shared with fellow teammates, coaches, and family.


The team mission can be achieved by:


1.    Team Spirit

2.    Success with humility

3.    Every swim is an opportunity for future success

4.    Respect for each other

5.    Results come with effort

6.    Community spirit

7.    Personal goal setting

Tri-Valley Swim League

The swim team participates in the Tri-Valley Swim League with 7 other swim teams;


·      DBAC (Delores Bengston Aquatic Center)

·      Briarhill Barracudas

·      Fast Dolphins

·      Dublin Green Gators

·      Ruby Hill Red Raiders

·      Del Prado Stingrays

·      Pleasanton Meadow Sharks


2019 Tidal Waves Swim Meet Schedule


The meet schedule for the 2019 swim season can be found on the team calendar.  The link for the team calendar is available on the main page of our website.

Team Fees

Team fees are due at the time of registration and will be paid online.

At this time the team does not offer a discount for a second or third child, but does offer a discount for the 15-18 age group. Team fees include a T-shirt and a Bay Club Swim Cap.

Bay Club Preferred Members

$235 per swimmer

Bay Club Standard Members

$295 per swimmers


Refunds will be given through April 30, 2019.  Between May 1 and May 27 2019, a half refund will be given.  After June 1, 2019, no refunds will be given.

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff for the 2019 Season:  Scott Hartz, Emma Caufield, Niko Cory, Kat Cory, Bailee Alvarez-Walls, Jessica Lawer, Natalia Alvarez, Mattias Blanco

Head Coach:  Scott Hartz




Team Manager: Erika Vieler



Swimmer Evaluations

In order to participate on the team, swimmers must be evaluated.  Evaluations are open to members and non-members, but you must be a member to participate on the team. To reserve a 15 minute evaluation time please email Team Manager Erika Vieler at [email protected]


We try to place as many swimmers as we can. Swimmers who do not make the team because there are no spaces left will be placed on a wait list. From time to time swimmers may drop off the roster for one reason or another.

Evaluation requirements:

New swimmer evaluations Saturday, Feb 23,9am-1pm & Sunday, Feb 24, 11am-2pm.



To Schedule an EvaluationEmail team manager, [email protected]

General Evaluation CriteriaSwim candidate evaluations will be 15-minutes using these five basic criteria:

1) ability to swim one pool length without stopping

2) knowledge of all four competitive strokes,

3) technique on all four competitive strokes

4) racing form for starts and turns

5) speed/time

If your child requires more skill development, they have the opportunity to participate in Bay Club's Conditioning program. More information can be found at the activities desk.

New Swimmers Registration

We are currently building our 2019 Team!  Please email [email protected] if you would like more information!

Team Training

The swim team season will begin Monday, May 28, 2019,  Until school is out in the Pleasanton School District, training sessions will be held in the afternoon only.

The coaches ask that you please have your swimmers to practice on time!  It is very disruptive when swimmers arrive late.  It is important for swimmers to warm up properly – they cannot do this if they arrive late.

During training sessions, parents should not be seated behind the coaches. Parents are asked to wait until the training session is finished if they wish to speak with the coach. However, if the parent wishes to discuss a matter taking more than 5 mins, they should contact the Team Manager.

Practice times

May 28 to May 30  Tuesday to Thursday

8 & under       4-4:45pm
9&10              4-5pm

11 and up       5-6pm

June 3 to July 19

*During the summer vacation the team offers morning and afternoon practices.*

Please visit the team calendar on the main page to see the available practice times on each day of our summer season.


The team actively encourages all swimmers to attend practice daily. If your swimmer does not regularly attend practice, they will lose opportunities to swim in meets.


Tidal Waves Time Trial Meet

We will not be holding a time trials meet for the 2019 season.  Coaches instead will be evaluating the swimmers at practices.  This is in an effort to release one more weekend for summer activity for your family.

Swim Team Suits and Caps

Team Suits are optional, but highly encouraged. 

We do not recommend wearing your team suit to practice.  Daily wearing causes the suit to wear out faster.  If possible please try and purchase some extra practice suits for your swimmer. Our official team suit is black with the Tidalwave team logo on the chest.  

Team suits will be sold through our vendor-  Please click on the link to the left or visit them at:

Swim caps are mandatory

Caps are mandatory for all female swimmers at meets and during practice.  Caps for male swimmers are optional.  The team has a custom swim cap with the team logo on it. Each swimmer will be given a Tidal Waves cap with registration.   Swimmers must wear their Tidal Waves cap at swim meets.  This is so coaches can easily identify swimmers in the water.  Additional caps can be purchased- please contact the Team Manager.

Team Apparel (Spirit Gear)

There is an online store that will sell our team suits and spirit gear.  Please visit:



It is not a problem to miss practice or a meet if the coaches are informed by editing your swimmers committment to the event in the events tab on the team websiteIt is a team policy that if a swimmer is going to miss a meet you must update your commitment the MONDAY before a Saturday meet and the THURSDAY before a Wednesday night meet.  If written notice is not given, the swimmer(s) will be come ineligible to swim in the next meet.  Preparing meet lineups takes several hours and it is crucial that the coaches know who will be on vacation.  It is not fair to other swimmers to give swims to a swimmer who will not be at the meet.  

Although we allow swimmers to miss meets due to vacation, the team expects that swimmers swim in at least 5 meets over the couse of the summer.  


The team cannot function successfully without the help of parent volunteers. Every parent is required to do some volunteer service. Some volunteer roles require more effort and time than others.  Voulunteer sign ups are now available on the team website. 

A parent from each family is required to work at 4 dual swim meets during the season if you have 1 child on the team, and 5 dual meets if you have 2 more more children on the team.  If you sign up to work at a meet and do not show up to cover your shift or have someone cover it for you, your child will become ineligible to swim in the next meet!  One or both parents will also be required to work at the Championship meet in order for your child(ren) to be eligible to swim at Championships.

Volunteer sign-ups are now done online on the team website. Click the volunteer how to sign up tab for instructions on how to do this. Please sign up for as many events as you can ahead of time as this highlights any volunteer shortages and allows us to properly prepare for the meets.  Online volunteer sign-ups also allows the volunteer coordinator to ensure that all familes have met their volunteer commitment.  If you do not meet your volunteer commitment during the season, your swimmer(s) may not be allowed to swim in championships.



Swimmers are expected to behave themselves during practice.  They are expected to listen to the coaches and treat other swimmers with respect.  Sometimes it will become necessary to remove a swimmer from the water and sit them on the edge.  If the behavior persists, the coaches will contact the parent and they will be responsible for being on the deck during the swimmer’s practice.  If this does not work and the swimmer can still not behave, (s)he will be removed from the team.

Bay Club Policy

Dropping off and pick up for practice 

Swimmers under the age of 13 are not allowed to walk themselves to or from the pool.  Please do not send them to the Front Desk by themselves – they will not be allowed through.  Parents must walk their swimmers to and from the pool.  A parent or adult guardian must be present at the end of practice to pick the swimmer up. SWIMMERS ARE NOT TO BE IN THE LOCKEROOMS UNATTENDED!!!  Swimmers will not be allowed to leave the area without an adult present.  This rule has been put in place for the safety of your swimmers and as a courtesy to other members.  If there is failure to follow this rule – swimmers may be suspended from the team.

Locker room usage

All swimmers under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the men’s and ladies lock rooms located inside the club unless they are supervised by a parent!!!  A parent or another adult should be present to pick up swimmers after each practice is over.  Summer is a very busy time at Bay Club and it is very disruptive to other members when swimmers are left unsupervised to run around the locker rooms.  I strongly encourage each family to have their swimmers use the outdoor Jacuzzi and locker rooms only.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.

Additionally, the use of the indoor locker rooms and all hot tubs is strictly prohibited during swim meets.  Please use the outdoor locker rooms during swim meets.  

Picture day

Swim team pictures will take place Friday June 14th, 2019.  Individual pictures will be taken from 8:15-9 am. We will break to line up for the team picture at 9 am.  The team photo will be taken at 9:10 am.  Individual photos will resume after the group shot.  Packets for the pictures will be put in your family file folder.  Extra packets will be available on picture day.  You may wear whatever your choose for the individual pictures, however swimmers will wear their team shirt for the team picture.  

End of Season Award Banquet

The end of the season party will be on July 20th from 5:00 - 6:00 PM, the evening following championships, at Bay Club.  Cake will be served.


We are open, and fill up quickly! 


If you have further questions about joining our team please contact [email protected]. See you in the water!!!!