Membership Information


Our summer swim team competes in the Virginia Beach Swim League, and is open to kids from 5 to 18 years of age. You are placed in age groups according to their date of birth (as of June 15 of that year). 
Typically, to be on the swim team, kids need to be members of the pool. However, we have a program called the Invite-a-Friend program, which allows kids to swim on the team for one season without being a member. It’s intended to introduce families to the team and the pool. As part of the program, Invite-a-Friends are able to participate in all swim team events, including all of the social activities held by the team. 
Practice is scheduled to begin the day after Memorial Day, and we have a team kick-off party in mid-May. We’d love to have you come out to party and meet everyone. Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have. We will keep you updated with the date of the kick off party.