Membership Information

Membership in Alpha Aquatics is a privilege. Every member is expected to demonstrate behavior that furthers the objective and mission of Alpha Aquatics. 

Alpha Aquatics swimmers and other members shall at all times:  

(i) Be courteous and respectful to all individuals.
(ii) Follow the directions and rules of the coaching staff.
(iii) Refrain from the use of illegal drugs.
(iv) Demonstrate team spirit, team work and camaraderie
(v) Attend practices regularly and on time.
(vi) Refrain from horseplay during practices or interference with other team members.
(vii) Obey pool safety rules:
       a. No diving except where permitted and in the manner permitted
       b. No unruly or disruptive behavior such as pushing, shoving, shouting on deck or in the locker rooms
       c. No towel snapping or hitting
       d. No fighting
       e. No verbal abuse or swearing (including name-calling)
(viii) Respect the property of others.
(ix) Comply with the requirements of the team, including, wearing of team uniform at all team events  when directed by a member of the Coaching staff.