Membership Information


  1. The Athletic Participation Fee of $180.00 for swimming and diving must be paid by November 10, 2016. You can pay the Centerville High School Bookkeeper, Kathy Landess, in the Central Unit Office either in person or by credit card via phone at 937-439-3572. Click the link to view or print the 2016-2017 Centerville Pay to Participate Plan.

  2. A team activity fee of $55 is required to cover team events throughout the year. This includes specific meet T-shirts, Pancake Breakfast and Championship dinner. Please make checks payable to "CHS Swim and Dive". Checks will be collected at our parent "Kick off Meeting" on September 21, 2016. 

    If you were not at the kick off meeting and would like to mail in your fees send them to Kathy Crowe, 10176 Tillman Road, Centerville, OH  45458. 

  3. The cost for some required items (suit, jacket, and bag) is shared between the athletes and the team. Replacement suits, jackets, and bags will be the sole responsibility of the athlete. (See the apparel tab.)

  4. Specific meets (such as the State Meet) will require additional fees to cover the cost of the meet.

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