Membership Information


New swimmer Registration & Tryouts  

Canyon Pool: Wednesday's  7:00 pm, contact our pool rep Helen Newman
No tryouts at Canyon 12/13, 12/20

Pearson Park Pool: Wednesdays7:00 pm,contact our pool rep Karyn Thompson 

Swimmers should arrive with their suit on with a pair of goggles. 


Who can Join?
How do I start?
What is the cost?

Do I need to decide the first day? 


Who can Join?  Anyone who is interested in swimming and is the age of 5-18 years old. The team offers instruction for all levels with the following minimum requirements and coaches approval.

Ages 8 & under - Able to swim freestyle and backstroke in legal form, 25 yards  without stopping.

Ages 9 & 10  - Able to swim 50 yards of all 4 strokes, Free, Back, Breast, Fly.


           Ages 11 & Up - Able to swim 100 yards of all 4 strokes, Free, Back, Breast, Fly.



How do I start?   All registration takes place on the pool deck during workout hours. The team swims year-round and has open enrollment.  Just complete the required forms and bring them to the pool deck with you along with your payment.


What is the cost?   AAA is a non-profit organization and all fees are used to support and maintain a high quality level of swimming.  Dues are collected on a quarterly basis and range from $330-$435 per quarter depending on the level.  

AAA Team Registration - $75
U.S.S. Registration - $66 yearly, $38 Summer Season (forms available on deck)


Do I need to decide the first day?   Every new swimmer may initially swim five consecutive days before deciding whether to become a member of the AAA swim team. Before entering the water to swim, AAA must have all paperwork submitted along with payment for that session. Any swimmers deciding not to join the team after the 5th day will have their funds returned to them.


What to bring to registration:
Please print and fill out the forms located at the top of this page under Forms/Documents tab and bring to the pool deck when signing up. 



For further information:
Anaheim Aquatics Association
P.O. Box 17457
Anaheim Hills, CA  92817-