Membership Information

What to Expect

MVAQ provides an opportunity for swimmers to become part of an exciting competitive sport. MVAQ is dedicated to building competitive swimmers in all areas of aquatic sports. We are committed to this goal by providing excellent, qualified coaching in which we place a great deal of confidence.

We consider membership a privilege, not a right. We request your complete cooperation and your signature below indicates your understanding of the basic policies of our club.

Note: Failure to comply with any of the following guidelines may result in termination from the team


Monthly Dues range from $50-$80 a month depending on group placement.

Dues are due on the first of each month. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed on the 10th.

Annual Registration Fee

All families are responsible for an annual $50.00 team registration fee upon enrollment and every year thereafter in the month of enrollment.

USA Swimming Registration

All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming. This annual registration fee is due on new membership and upon renewal.

Practice and Encouragement

Transport swimmers to workout on time and pick them up when their practice session is done. Offer positive encouragement to your swimmer. If staying on deck during practice please remember to stayin the bleachers or along the perimeter of the pool deck.

Provide Supervision

Children who are not swimming should be under adult supervision at all times during practice and swim meets.  When your child’s practice is done, you should either pick them up, or ensure that they have adult supervision in the bleachers or along the perimeter of theool deck, until it’s time to leave.

Pool Preparation

All swimmers must be responsible for pool preparation – this includes covers and lane lines each night. All swimmers must be responsible for care of team equipment – this includes lane lines, paddles, kickboards, and fins.


Coaches may suspend a swimmer for disciplinary reason from swim practice for a maximum of three days. Coaches may also recommend to the board that a swimmer be expelled from the club if his/her judgment, that swimmer is unable to conform to the disciplinary guidelines established for swim practice and club participation. The board will support the coach’s recommendations.

Courtesy for the Coaches

Please leave the coaching to the coaches. Communication between coaching staff and parents should be prior to or after practice. Please be considerate of the coach’s time and other parent’s needs.

Assist at MVAQ-hosted Swim Meets
Each family is responsible for working eight hours at each MVAQ hosted swim meet. If you do not fulfill your obligation you will be assessed a $100.00 per meet fee.

Fundraising and Community Awareness

Participate in fundraising activities that involve the team. Families may choose a buy-out option ($25 per swimmer), rather than participate. Promote in your business, professional, and civic involvement—it’s a good program for the community.

Timer Duty at Meets

When attending any USS sanctioned meet, parents are required to fulfill the team’s timing responsibility for that meet. MVAQ is assigned a specific number of chairs at each meet and a sign up sheet will be available. All parents must help fulfill the club’s timing requirement or a fine of $25 will be levied against the family & the team will be fined by USA Swimming.

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