Membership Information

All swimmers must register with Southern California Swimming. Swimmers who have never participated on a U.S.A. Swimming registered team will be required to show a birth certificate or passport as proof of age in order to register.
Registration and annual renewal of membership to Southern California Swimming is required for every swimmer.

Yearly Membership & Monthly Dues:

Yearly NON REFUNDABLE membership fee $150 per member. Each additional family member is $75. 

Monthly fees are due on the 1st of the month.
The cost per month is as follows:

Pre-team                        $160 per month
Bronze group                 $190 per month

Pre Silver group             $210 per month
Silver JO group              $225 per month

Pre Senior
 group             $235 per month
Senior Gold group          $250 per month

Delinquent & Late Payments:

Dues became delinquent after the 5th day of each month.
Late charge of $20 will be assessed if payment is not received by the 5th each month.
Return Check fee is $30.
Declined Credit Card transaction fee is $15 per each declined transaction.

If the dues of a swimmer are still outstanding on the 15th of the billing month, the swimmer will not be allowed to participate in workouts. If there is a reason you cannot pay your dues, please discuss the problem with the Head Coach.

A swimmer who decides to leave the Royal Swim Team for any reason for full month or more may take leave and pay a maintenance fee of $75 per month which will hold his/her place on the swim team. He/she must return the following month or forfeit his/her place on the team. A member who fails to pay maintenance fee will forfeit his/her yearly membership.

Royal Swim Team depends on revenue from dues to pay our coaches’ salaries, insurance, pool rental, etc. We regret that we cannot afford for families to become delinquent in their payments or negotiate fees.

Swimmers who choose not to attend workouts for a portion of the month are not entitled to a pro-rated fee.


This body provides insurance coverage for ROYAL swimmers and coaches. Membership in U.S.A. Swimming is mandatory in order for insurance to cover an athlete

For try outs contact:

Head Coach Val Bagri at [email protected] or call 1(818) 625-5507

For Application forms please click HERE