Membership Information

Come to the pool during a regular workout - your first workout is on us. Try it out, and see if what we offer suits your needs. M-F 6:30-7:30PM and Sun 8:00-9:00AM. Click on the link for Masters Joining Info and the Masters Registration Form.

Kids/Age Group
Previous completion of swimming lessons is required. Participation in a Pre-Competitive Swim Clnic is encouraged before a try-out (typically offered in August and February). Prospective swimmers must be able swim the length of the pool in freestyle, and also know basic stroke skills in backstroke and breaststroke; also butterfly, if 9 or older. Before joining the team, swimmers will participate in a pre-scheduled try-out swim to determine the appropriate skill-level group. 

We typically open for recruitment in August and February, the month prior to a new season starting. Please email us during one of those recruitment months to see if any openings are available. When reaching out to join the team, it is helpful to know your child's date of birth, swim level/experience, and city of residence. Please NOTE: We do not maintain a wait list.  

Swim Team Requirements: Swimmers must practice regularly and be on time to workouts:
 -minimum 2 workouts per week for C-Group/Beginners (Tu & Th 5:00-5:45)
 -at least 2-4 workouts per week for C1-Group/Advanced-Beginners (M-Th 5:30-6:30)
 -at least 3-5 workouts per week for B-Group/Intermediate (M-F 5:00-6:15)
 -at least 3-5 workouts per week for B1/Advanced Intermediate and A-Group/Advanced (M-F 5:00-6:30)
Participation in swim meets is expected for all South Bay Swim Team members; and participation in the Summer and Winter Championship meets is required for ongoing participation on the team.  Service hours are required for each family, typically with assistance at swim meets or other team events.