Membership Information

ZAP Registration Procedures



Step 1: Set up an evaluation.* (Please see prerequisites below.) This can be done via email or phone. Contact:

*When you come for your evaluation, bring swim suit, goggles and towel and a birth certificate or passport so we may verify your swimmer's birthday.

Swim Team prerequisites: Swimmers must have:
•Celebrated their 5th birthday
•The ability to complete 25 yards of unassisted freestyle and Backstroke

•The ability to seperate from parents/guardian without issue
•The attention span to take an hour or more of group instruction
•The desire to compete
•The family support ot join our swim famil

Step 2: Complete online ZAP registration.

Step 3: Complete SCS registration (This form is not available online. You will get it from the coach once the coach has determined that your swimmer is qualified to join the team.) To comply with the requirements of our USA Swimming insurance, this registration MUST be mailed in within 7 days of acceptance on to the team. Swimmers will not be able to practice or compete without this step, per USA Swimming policies.

Step 4: You will be billed for your ZAP registration and monthly dues when you register for the team.

Step 5: Welcome to the ZAP family. We're happy to have you on board!

If the coach doing the evaluation decides that your swimmer would benefit from some additional stroke refinement before swimming competitively:

Register for the program recommended by the coach:

JG Prep: Junior Guard Prep swimmers must have:

  • Celebrated their 9th birthday by June 28, 2012
  • The ability to complete 50 yards of unassisted freestyle
  • The attention span to take an hour of group instruction

ZAP Learn to Swim (at South End, West End and Miraleste)

Non-Competitive Swim Conditioning

School of Fish

  • We recommend that children be 2.5 years old before taking lessons. For children under 2.5 , mommy and me classes are great, as is lots of time playing in the bathtub!