Membership Information

Your swimmer can join our team anytime during the year if they are able to meet our minimum proficiency requirements.  Swimmers should be level three or above and be able to swim one complete 25m lap of the pool using freestyle or backstroke in order to join the team.  Our practice schedule depends upon the Rec. Center pool schedule, but a general overview of our winter season schedule is outlined below.  The summer schedule varies from summer to summer, please feel free to contact us for more specific practice schedule information.  Once your swimmer has joined the team your family will have access to our full web site which contains detailed information regarding specific practice groups' practice and meet schedules.

During the school year, practice for our younger, less experienced swimmers will generally begin at 4 p.m. Newer swimmers to the team may start in a second group whose practice time will be 4:45-5:30. Swimmers in these groups will normally practice Monday through Thursdays.

More experienced swimmers will have practice schedules later in the evenings and Friday after school.  These swimmers will also have weekend practices depending upon availability of the pool and the meet schedule.

Swimmers do not have to attend every practice session, (Parents can choose which days to send their swimmer to practice) however we recommend at least 3 days per week for new swimmers just joining the team.

Swimmers should bring goggles, swim suit, and towel for practice. Paperwork and registration can be filled out by parents before or after practice.

Reasons to join the swim team:

  1. Great exercise that builds strength, determination, and confidence
  2. Swimming is a lifelong skill that allows parents to worry less when their kids are around water
  3. If you have multiple kids, they can all practice and compete together, less chasing kids that need to go separate ways
  4. Flexible competition commitments, you select which meets and how many swim meets to participate in, no need to travel out of town
  5. Easy after school transportation to pool. Kids can ride bus to Middle School and walk about one block to Watertown Community Recreation Center

Please use the e-mail link below, or contact our team manager and assistant coach, Donna Bierschbach at 886-0999, or Head Coach Chuck Baechler at 868-4582, to learn more about the swim team program:

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