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Membership Information Team Unify!!

Your SJB School Volunteer Site.

          Welcome, family and friends of SJB Catholic School, to the  Team Unify  ( TU ) website. This website is primarily used to communicate to our families about any SJB events, Job/Volunteer Opportunities, Calendar Items, Donation Opportunities, distribution of our weekly school bulletin, and miscellaneous daily/weekly school updates.  This site is also used to manage your Family Participation Hours (FPH), Mandatory Lunch Duty creation, Invoice generation and distribution for SJB Auxiliary related fees, accept Credit Card or ACH payments, as well as to answer any questions you may have regarding school functions, fundraisers, volunteer requirements etc.  

        If this is your first time on TU, the Volunteer signup procedure is easy.   All that is required is to have a student currently enrolled at SJB.   Click on the tab "Contact me" and fill out the required information.   Be sure to list your child(ren) with their assigned classroom in the comments section.  Then Click SEND NOW!  Once verified that your child is enrolled and in good standing, an email will be sent to you with a password that you can change once you log in.

Your login will allow you to do multiple things as an SJB School Parent.  Via this TU system you can:   

      1. Connect easily to our other school sites i.e.  'SJB School' site, 'Sycamore Education',  Facts Management Co', as well as  the 2016 SJB Gala+Auction  website, 'Soaring to New Heights' -  and much more.  Just click on any of our 'Partners & Resources' logos, which can be found on our TU Home Page.  

      2. Receive the SJB School Bulletin every Monday.  The bulletin is sent from our Principal and Rector and has all the latest and greatest information about the current happenings at the school, information on upcoming school events as well as any parish related information.    

      3.  Sign up to volunteer for SJB school events or activities, and fulfill your 25 Family Participation Hour (FPH) yearly requirement.  Volunteer Jobs and/or Donation Requests will be emailed to all school families from the TU site, so keep an eye out for those.  You can always check the site for any emails you might have missed as well.  The 'SJB Events tab will show all current jobs that are open for volunteer or donation opportunities.

      4.   If you have signed up to volunteer for current or future events and need to check your personal volunteer schedule; you can do that by going to the 'My Signup Reports which is located on the home page under the 'SJB Events' tab.

      5.   It is particularly important to monitor your personal FPH record, at all times.  Making sure that your hours/events have been recorded accurately, will help avoid any last minute complications at the end of the school year.  Remember, for every hour not completed, the TU system automatically charges $30/hour, or portion thereof.  Simply click on the My Service Hour Tracking tab on the home page, to check the status of your account.

       6.     Review your 'Auxiliary Fee Account" to manage your payments and invoices.   It's easy to understand what your invoices are for, by simply reviewing your account history.  This can be found in the 'My Payment & Invoice' section of your account.  Click on 'Billing History' at the bottom of this section and here you can check on all billing related info, such as any un-invoiced amounts, current invoice amounts, payments, credits etc.

       7.    Do you have an Auxiliary Fee balance?  It's easy to confirm the amount and pay online!  Just select the 'My Invoice/Payments' tab to view any Auxiliary Invoices you have and pay your outstanding balance with a credit card or checking account by clicking 'Pay Invoice'.       

       We hope you find Team Unify a helpful resource throughout your years here at SJB.  There are many questions answered in the My Tutorial section, as well in the knowledge base so check those out, but should you have any specific questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.  We appreciate your support for our school community.

SJB Volunteer Administrator