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DART Swimming at Sacramento swims majority of it's practices at American River College.


DART Swimming at Sacramento is dedicated to creating a program that allows swimmers to grow as athletes along-side their peers over the course of their swim career.  Our goal is to help our swimmers become well-rounded individuals who grow physically, emotionally, in sportsmanship and in confidence through the sport of swimming.


Our group progression is designed such that our swimmers are allowed to advance athletically and emotionally at a pace which is developmentally appropriate.  Swimmers are typically placed in groups based on their grade-levels, ie. social peers.  We believe that we are able to best serve our athlete’s long-term physical and emotional needs by way of this progressive advancement through the program. 


We have created an in-depth description of the focus, goals and expectations for each training group that include training expectations, biomechanical skills, physiological development, cognitive knowledge, character development, and psychological/mental training, skills and awareness. These can be found on our website’s “Swim Group” drop-down menu.


For more information about our training philosopy and what makes DART special check out the links under the About tab. 


To join, head to our "Events" tab near the bottom of the homepage and look for the appropriate Registration event.